The Castle

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The Castle

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The Castle is a merry tale about a king who discovers project management and project documentation. While renovating his castle all kinds of things go wrong. His golden coins disappear in vague projects. The craftsmen are eating the king's food because of bad planning. Accidents happen because of poor risk and test management. A wise wizard comes to the king's rescue and gets his project management back in order.

While The Castle looks like it's a meant for children, the book actually details how Project Management documentation is used in projects, and when. The book can be read in three ways: as a funny story, to learn about project management documentation, and by use of the detailed reference cards that describe all of the project documents. The book is therefore both entertaining, and can be used as a reference.

Where to find?
Linchpin Publishing: ... mentation/ ... ype=browse ... n+van+gorp
Creator of the Chagwa Project Management Methodology. Author of The Castle, a jolly tale on project management. ... mentation/
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