Chagwa V1.0

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Chagwa V1.0

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Chagwa V1.0

As the world enters into an unparalleled period of exponential change, most organisations are still using either Waterfall, Agile or Change Control as their primary project management methodology.

Enter Chagwa®, a new process driven structure that allows a seamless interaction between our familiar project management methodologies. With its pragmatic set of rules and guidelines, Chagwa® offers the PMO and project manager a clear way forward for every kind of project.

By selecting the most suitable methodology (including hybrid variants) Chagwa® ensures that projects get off to a good start without the need for endless discussion or compromise. For example, Chagwa® can integrate Agile into what may have been considered as a conventional project or program while still allowing an organization to keep its Waterfall and Change Control project methodologies where it makes sense to do so.

Chagwa® is more than just a theoretical methodology. It is a complete set of templates and tools that integrate with the Chagwa® processes allowing organisations to build out a new Project Management Organisation in an accelerated track without deviating from their proven tools and techniques.

The Chagwa project management methodology allows integrating Agile, Waterfall and Change Control projects in the organisation. It defines objective rules for selecting a project track, and provides a full set of templates and processes. Chagwa can seamlessly integrate in your existing project management organisation using an Integration Layer.

About the Author

Jürgen van Gorp, PhD has over 20 years experience in project and program management, from large multi-nationals down to the smallest not-forprofit organisation. Over the last fifteen years he has been researching ways of improving the hands-on aspects of project management in highly complex and challenging environments. The result is Chagwa® Version 1.0, an open framework where both the methodology and templates can be used license free.

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Creator of the Chagwa Project Management Methodology. Author of The Castle, a jolly tale on project management. ... mentation/
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